High Definition Plasma Cutting

The Hi-Def Plasmas we operate are capable of accurately cutting steel up to 60mm thick. The machine bed can hold two 3.2m x 12.0m plates. The K4000 & K5000 Kinetic machines are also capable of providing quality plasma cut bevelled edges when required for weld preparations etc. and can Mill, Drill, Tap, Countersink and Counterbore holes up to 50mm diameter.


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Nisco High Strength Plates
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Nisco S690QL Data Sheet
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Nisco NiRes 400 Data Sheet
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Nisco NiRes 450 Data Sheet
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Nisco NiRes 500 Data Sheet
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IP600 Data Sheet
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IP800 Data Sheet
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IP900 Data Sheet
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IP1200 Data Sheet
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Amstrong Ultra 690QL Data Sheet
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Relia Data Sheet
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